Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hardware stores

Today I discovered that the University has an account by a major chain of hardware stores.

The way it worked was like this: I investigated suppliers of cheap immersion pumps, and discovered that the best pump for the purpose will probably be a water feature pump. I found a likely supplier (i.e. one that has a decent website) and contacted them this morning. They know the product that I'm talking about, but the salesman has already left for the day. But, says the lady on the other end of the phone line, I can get them at Builders Warehouse. Now, I can go to a store and buy one for cash, but the closest store is not very close, and I hate driving, and I'd have to pay cash and claim the expenses back later. So I went to our departmental administrator, and asked if they were a registered supplier, and they were! So I phoned the number she provided, got some impression of the organization I'm dealing with, found out they had no stock at that branch anyway, and then phoned the next branch, got to speak to somebody who knew what I was talking about, and got a quote faxed to me. This quote is now with our dear and efficient administrator, so I'll get a purchase order soon. I may get the pump before the end of the week.


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